Ranch Workers In John Steinbeck's Of Mice And Men

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John Steinbeck, the author of “Of Mice and Men” is about two ranch workers who have been together for a long time. The two workers are named George and Lennie. George Milton is described as small and with very sharp features and his partner Lennie Small is huge and a hard worker. Lennie however has a learning disability and George tries the best he can to keep him out of trouble. Sometimes the pair can have some trouble with each other but they always get through it together.Lennie and George work very hard in the fields so they can move up together to buy a ranch. George is the brains who tells Lennie what to do and Lennie is the muscle who can work really hard. George is basically Lennie’s only family that we know of and Lennie looks up…show more content…
There was Curley who is the boss's son and hated Lennie because he was bigger than him. One night, after a few days at the ranch, Lennie was in the barn and accidently killed his puppy that Slim have given him. Curley’s wife happened to be there and was just there looking for attention. She asked Lennie to pet her hair and he did but when asked to stop he held on. Lennie got scared when she yelled and accidently broke her neck that made her died instantly. Lennie was worried and mad because he had done a bad thing and George wasn't going to let him tend to the rabbits anymore. So then he ran to a bush that George had said if anything went wrong to go and hide there and he’ll come looking for him. George then went to find Lennie and he was by the bush where he told him too hide.When George have arrived to Lennie, he was upset for he knew that what has to be done next would not be easy. Although Lennie said he’ll hide from the world George had no choice but to take his life. In the end the only thing that they had were each other. This shows that no matter how different two people are they can make a
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