Randai Drama

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Randai is a folk theatre of Minangkabau ethnic group, a unique and exciting Southeast Asian performance arts. At first Randai is a medium to convey the tale or folklore through couplets or poems sung and galombang (dance) originating from the Minangkabau silat movements. But in its development, Randai adopt the style characterizations and dialogue in the play-skits, such as the Dardanelles. It is played by the main character who will be in charge of telling a story, the main character could amount to one person, two people, three people or more depending on the story that was delivered, and in bringing or portray the main character surrounded by other members aimed to embellish the event takes place. Randai are based on folk tales, martial…show more content…
According to book Indonesian Randai education Resource Packet (2012), Randai are from three performing arts traditions. The first is silat (Silek), the indigenous martial arts style. Secondly is bakaba, a traditional form of storytelling. Lastly is the music. This music were sung by two singers, accompanied by a musician. An exciting instrumental of music played are to welcomes and to announces everyone that the troupe has arrived and the performances are about to start. An even number of dancers are transition from the two rows into a circle to take place. The initial dance consisting of martial arts steps and it is called…show more content…
The presence of the sound of traditional music is not absolute although it is quite important as encouragement in galombang randai, so it becomes more alive and excited. Besides functioned to accompany the motion of the galombang, it is also serve to open and close the show. Relationships of motion and music on Randai art also could be defined as a partner galombang randai (dance), that gives the patterns of rhythm and melody in accordance with the demands of the motion rhythm galombang, it is also as a background character motion play in Randai story, and illustrates the atmosphere of the scene in accordance with the dramatic aspects contained in Randai story. Talempong is not something that always be nature must in every show Randai held in the community. However, its presence in the midst of the village children pamenan (traditional games) is always giving identity to the community as a sign of Alek Nagari (people party crowd). In the presentation, musical instruments talempong can consist of several supporting musical instruments, such as: gandang, saluang, rabab, canang, Bansi, and other musical

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