Randall Bjorge Murder

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Family members assumed everything was fine with Wendy and Randall Bjorge, they were receiving text messages from Wendy so there was nothing to be concerned with.

What they didn 't know was someone else was pretending to be Wendy, to cover the disturbing truth about the husband and wife, according to KDVR.

The couples granddaughter, 17-year-old, Cassie Bjorge, was hiding a secret. The only other person who knew the truth was her boyfriend, 18-year-old, Johnny Rider. He knew because he was with Cassie when the pair allegedly murdered her grandparents together.

Police reported Cassie and Rider brutally murdered the elderly couple, using butcher knives to slash their throats, while beating them with a baseball bat, hammer and a tire iron.
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According to WSBTV, the two were not done with killing people, they had more people on their hit-list. Rider 's family members and Cassie 's mother were also being targeted by the pair. The two were captured a week after the grandparents murder after they attempted to kill Rider’s sibling, who escaped.

Cassie confessed to killing her grandparents, while Rider kept quiet.

Gwinnett County Homicide Detective, Dave Brucz, testified about Cassie 's description of her grandparents murder:

"Johnny began to attack the grandfather. Bjorge then said she had a surge of energy. She then dragged her grandmother into her grandfather’s bedroom. She was duct taped.”
Brucz explained to the court “She had basically had enough of her grandparents.” Detective Brucz explained how the 17-year-old was able to keep her family in the dark about Wendy and Randall 's murder:

“She admitted after the murder she was texting family members because they were worried about them, and she was pretending to be Wendy.” also said she and her boyfriend, Johnny Rider, planned to murder several other family members.

Cassie 's mother, Amanda Sterling, didn 't respond to finding out her daughter and her boyfriend planned on killing her, but she had said "Not in a million years did I think something like would ever happen,"

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