Randall Nitts Analysis

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There he was looking through the bars of the jail cell plotting the day he, Randall Nitts would break out. It was an ordinary day in New York City for Randall, but today would be different.

“The last thing I remember was the sound of the cell door clashing with the wall. There was nothing that made me more mad because I did not see anything wrong with what I did.”, he exclaimed.” You see Randall was an idealist only not the good kind, he thought about things like that we should not have any form of plant life, (not knowing that it would kill everyone). He also thought about how wrong democracy is and that our world should be a dictatorship and that he should rule everything. One day Randel took it too far and tried an attack to bring down the government. Randall was not treated well through his childhood. Most think that this is what led him
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“I have never seen anything as scary in my life.”, he exclaimed frantically.

Randall had to act fast. The creature shot straight for the kill and scratched him on the arm. There he was cornered by trees, nowhere to go with the creature right in front of him Randall had no clue what to do. He had nothing to do except to accept the fact that in a minute Randall Nitts would be, by any definition, dead. Randall looked into the creature’s eyes and the creature was scared , just as scared as Randall.

At the last second the creature stepped away, and at that moment Randall realized that not everything is just as it seems. Randall returned to New York when a rescue helicopter was notified from the plane’s radio. He made some new friends and changed his thoughts about the world. He realized that not much was wrong with the world and everything will sort itself out eventually. He realized a way that he still could rule everything but not in a cruel way. He could run for president, and that he
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