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From the time that we were first conceived until the time we were born many different processes happened to make us who and what are today. The majority of us are born with perfectly functioning organs etc. that all together make organ systems which carry out the essential process needed for us to survive. The rest of us that aren’t; however, are born with genetic conditions or disorders that may result in many changes and or difficulties. Genetic conditions or disorders may also result in a change of a person’s DNA possibly changing their genes causing a person to develop at a different pace as others, have a different appearance, and even changing the ways our organs are placed. The examples I listed about how certain ways genetic conditions may change the way we are born can actually be traced back to actual people and their real life stories about their conditions as you read further on.

One of the many conditions that can result from a genetic mistake is the way we seem to grow as opposed to others. One of the few people with this condition is 7 year old Nell. When Nell was born her parents knew that something was wrong with her because she was growing at a rapid pace. As the years went by, they for sure knew that something was
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Randy was born with situs inversus. Situs inversus is first determined at 19 days of development and about 30% of embryos are fatal and the rest of usually have heart failures. With this condition your organs flip because a certain type of cell was supposed to spin and they didn’t at all. Randy was lucky because most of his internal organs flipped along with his heart as well if not otherwise he most likely would have had complications because his heart wouldn’t have gotten some of the necessary things needed for to survive from the other organs. Because of his organs not necessarily doing this Randy Foye was able to successfully have a basketball

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