Randy Owen's Music Career

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Alabama had lots of interesting player through the years.Owens very popular with the audience as he charms them and also tells them jokes. The Audience still loves him the same as 30 years ago when Alabama started. Randy Owen is the main voice of Alabama. (Freeland, 2004) When he goes on stage he dazzles lots of fans and they cheer this country guy. Randy Owen also does solo performances. Randy Scott as a drummer that used to play in clubs (Pareles,Romanowski,1983). Randy Owen is also the main voice of Alabama. (Gormly,2009) Alabama has a history in the country music industry.
Cousins Randy Owen and Teddy Gentry first started the band in 1969. Then they added Jeff Cook.
They first named their band Young country. When they graduated high school the became Wild Country. Finally in 1977 they became Alabama.(Pareles,Romanowski,1983).They were one of the biggest US country rock acts of the 80s and 90s. (Larkin,2002). Alabama has lots of hits from making good music. Alabama was one of the most selling country groups of the 80s they had lots of singles.(Pareles,Romanowski,1983). With there song Mountain Music they went to superstardom.After that they racked up 21 number one records between 1980 1987
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Key to Alabama 's appeal was its consistency there albums in the 1990 did not change into the music in the era Alabama 's music was based on electric guitar hard drums and cheerful harmony.(Freeland, 2004) Alabama emerged as the most commercially successful country band of the 1980,Alabama also emerged as the best country band of the 1980. They had 27 number 1 singles over their career. (Freeland, 2004). There best selling album was in 1990, it was Pass It On Down (Freeland, 2004) One of the most popular country band by popularizing country when most country stars where in the 1960s and 1970s (Freeland, 2004). And That 's happens when a bunch of southern cousins make a band, they make a huge hits and leave behind
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