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This is a Quote by Randy Pausch “It’s not the cards you are dealt but it’s the game you play.” This quote mean’s that you try to make the best at whatever life throw at you. You will never know what can happen in life. Say for instant a car that you about to buy at a dealership break’s down when you doing a test drive on the car. It was a great car with all the features you wanted but had a mechanical malfunction. If you would have bought the car it might have caused problems. But because you played the game correctly you won the game. The cards you are dealt in life they’re certain situation. The game you are playing is life. It’s weird because life is not a game it is a time frame in which you live. No one knows when they life will say game over so you play the cards you are dealt in the best way you can. Just because a certain situation is bitter don’t let that bring you down make the best of every situation. My personal experience with playing with the cards I was dealt wasn’t really my pain physically but it touched me deeply. Two or three years ago my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer. When she told me my first reaction was to cry and pray for my mom. It is a hurting feeling when you think you are going to lose the ones you love in any type of way. No matter if it’s thru a relationship or death. No one wants to lose…show more content…
About a week thru the chemotherapy and radiation she lost all of her hair. When she first showed me she was losing her hair she started crying when she started I started because I don’t like to see my mom crying. When she lost all of her hair my sister got her some stylish wigs while she was going thru her chemo and radiation. About four months later she finished the chemotherapy and radiation. Right after that my mom’s hair started to grow back to be longer and thicker than it was. I am thankful happy to see my mom here on this earth still alive and healthier than

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