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Randy Quaid once said "Now with the internet a celebrity is a fair game and it 's all designed to sell to sell advertising space," Randy Quaid. Advertisers will pay top dollar for celebrities to promote the brand to skyrocket. Advertisers also use credible celebrities to promote their products. Celebrities, role models for many children, are being used by to buy their product. For example, Advertisers will pay celebrities to advertise their products on their social media platforms, Television commercials, and newspaper ads. Brands chose celebrities who attractive, physical appearance, and athleticism to promote them on their platforms." The most effective celebrity endorsements are those who seem close they would be an authentic customer of the product or service that they promote." (Celebrity endorsement on Social Media are driving sales and winning over fans) Big name celebrities are the ones that brands goal for. They Frequently use Instagram to promote the brands products without people ever knowing. By simply taking a picture with the product. Also, Advertisers uses convincing celebrities to encourage their products. Advertisers use celebrities that obtain trustworthy and celebrities near what the brand is looking for. Normally they won 't let a singer be in a football commercial. Advertisers try to use celebrities that act as role models to make people want to buy their products. But their brand must match the celebrities personality, "To find the right celebrity ambassador for…show more content…
For many companies, advertisers use famous people and celebrities to encourage kids to buy their product. First, Advertisers use role models to influence the their product. Then, Advertisers will pay excessive amounts of dollars to draw celebrities to make sales soaring. Ever since the 1930s when celebrities started being signed by brands sale percent has gone up 4%. Finally, Brands are thinking of new ways to advertise. Brands use celebrities to influence people into buy the

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