Randy Behavior Challenges At School Essay

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a. What could be some environmental factors contributing to Randy’s behavior challenges at school?

The first environmental factor that is contributing to Randy’s behavior challenges at school are his disobedience and refusal to listen to teachers. It seems that his mother is working all the time and the boyfriend isn’t very involved or working long hours also. Randy’s guardians are not giving Randy enough attention, direction, discipline, and how to treat others. This lack of discipline could be from not enough time being spent with the child during the days and so just giving into whatever they want to please them. Randy goes from school in the morning to child care right after school until 6pm everyday. Children whose parents show uninvolved parenting styles are the worst off. Their parents lack of involvement disrupts their emotional development considerably, leading them to feel unloved and emotionally detached and impedes their cognitive development as well (Feldman
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This school counseling would given him time to be able to cope with the emotions that he is feeling and learn ways help control them. The other type of educational services I would recommend for Randy is to be involved in a speech and reading program to help improve his vocabulary and to try and prevent the use of the choice words that he uses. I would also recommend putting in a reward system for when he acts appropriately at school he is encouraged and rewarded fro those behaviors. The option of taking things away from him for bad behavior maybe a possible option if accepted by his parents. This way Randy can being to understand consequences and rewards for different actions. The last type of educational service I would put in place is to try and move him to a class with less students so he is able to get more one on one time from the

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