Rangers Apprentice Series: The Siege Of Macindow

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“Sometimes people can be too intellegent for their own good. Too much thinking could confuse things.”(Halt , Pg 56) I have read book number 6 in the Rangers Apprentice series, The Siege of Macindow. This book begins with Will attempting to win back the crucial northern stronghold. In this journal I will be connecting to the characters in this book. I will also be explaining the plot of the book and why the author did what he did. In here I will be connecting the the characters of the book. I can connect to Will in this book. Will tries to think of the best way out of things in this book. Will tries to take everything the smart way. I myself prefer to take the smart way out of things and do things out of anger or rage. I can also connect to Horace in this book. Horace choosen to sacrifice everything, to help save Will in the battle for the stronghold. I money to someone or cleaning the house.…show more content…
The plot has very weird twists and endings. While I cannot reveal the ending of the book I can still explain why the author chose to do what he did. The author made references to the Trojan horse. But instead it is a droll wheelbarrow like machine. In my opinion the author did this because the battle wasn’t going anywhere interesting, unless he wanted to write about an entire battle siege which usually lasts hours or even days. He decided that he would instead speed it up by having them bring in the machine. Without the machine the battle would have lasted longer and would have been less
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