Ransom And Red Chief Analysis

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The story Ransom and Red Chief has a story and a movie. In the story Red chief name is Johnny. Then came two men named Bill and Sam they wanted some money. The rich man in town is Ebenezer Dorset which is Johnny dad. For them to get some money from the Dorset family they thought about kidnapping Johnny and then make them give them money for Johnny. So when they went to get Johnny, Bill tried to give him some candy and Johnny hit him in the eye with a brick. After he hit Bill in the eye, they started to chase him and when they caught him they took him to a cave. While they was at the cave Bill was beat up by Johnny. Then Sam told Johnny to not beat up Bill while he gone or he was going to take him home and Johnny didn’t want to go home. Well Johnny kept beating up Bill but the men didn’t him home because they wanted some money. Another the boy did was gave the two men a nick name Bill was Old Hank and Sam was Snake eye. In the movie, the two men were still name Bill and Sam but the boy wasn’t named Johnny, he was named Andrew. Another thing is when the two men was going to kidnap the boy they didn’t try to give the boy a piece of candy, they just put him in a box and took him somewhere in the woods. The Boy still beat up Bill and wouldn’t stop. One time he put a snake in Bill…show more content…
To me I think that no one knew the boy was gone because the boy probably be missing all the time so no one was worried. When you leave like that when people didn’t even worry about, that means a whole because that isn’t normal. If that was me in that situation many people probably would’ve been looking for me because I don’t do nothing to people where they can’t just stand me. That boy is very bad and I think that one of the neighbors are going to teach him a lesson. When that day come he isn’t going to be happy at all because he will feel what he be putting other people in
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