Ransom Of Red Chief Essay

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Drew Dryden Mrs. Newton ELA Period 2-3 October 11 2016 In the short story, Ransom of Red Chief, by O Henry and the film, Home Alone, by Chris Columbus and John Hughes. Don’t judge a book by its cover, has been a well common theme for a story. Every movie, book, or play has a main message known as the theme. Never underestimate someone who is smaller than you . This is one of the themes because, the robbers from the movie “ Home Alone ” expected that the boy Kevin would cooperate with them, so they could steal from his home. They didn’t expect that Kevin would put up a fight against them or that they would get really hurt from him too. Actually, Kevin defend his home long enough that the cops came and captured the burglars. The thing is, with…show more content…
The cop was going around the neighborhood to see how good everyone’s security is. Later on that specific cop was going around the same neighborhood robbing some of the of the houses he was checking. This demonstrates dramatic irony because we didn’t expect a cop end up being one of the burglars. In “Ransom of Red Chief” dramatic irony is shown in the story. On the pages 74 and 75 “ To tell you the truth, Bill , says I, this little lamb has got on my nerves to” to 75 “Bill was counting out two hundred and fifty dollars into Mr. Dorset’s hand”. The kid “Red Chief” found out, then he went crazy and he didn’t want to go back with his father. He was behind Bill the entire time while Bill and Sam were paying off Red Chief’s father so he would take his son back. This shows dramatic irony because Bill and Sam wasn’t expecting Red Chief to be right behind them. The film “Home Alone” has been made more modern than “Ransom of Red Chief” in several different ways. The film was made more modern by their way of travel. On page 62 the author said “One evening after sundown, we drove in a buggy past old Dorset’s house”. This shows that “Ransom of Red Chief” is more old fashion because their vehicle was a horse and
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