Raoul Wallenberg: A Hero Or Hero?

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According to (Source D internet) it states, “While an exact number of those murder is impossible to determine, the best estimate settle at a figure around 6 million Jews, 1 million of whom were children under the age of 12 and a million of whom were between the ages of 12 and 18.” The Holocaust was a bad year for Jews, but someone tried their best to help them out. One person who helped out the Jews were Raoul Wallenberg. He was a hero to so many Jews trying to get them to safer places. Even though his parents wanted a different future him, he did what he loved and that was helping others. Raoul Wallenberg was a hero because of his background, how he transported Jews, and after he disappeared.
Raoul Wallenberg was a hero because of his background.
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Wallenberg was captured by Soviet agents on January 17, 1945 soon after the Soviet forces occupied Budapest (Sources H internet). Which was the beginning of Wallenberg disappearing without a trace. According to (Source H internet), “Wallenberg was held at Soviet prison with a ‘socially dangerous’ person for two and a half years before he died.” No ones knows the exact date when Wallenberg died because on February 2, 1957 the Soviets announced his death from a heart attack. But records from 1945 shows Wallenberg died July 17,1947 in Lubyanka prison (Source A internet). During Wallenberg disappearance he had awards from all over the world. In October of 1981 Wallenberg was proclaimed an honorary citizen of the United States (Source C internet). Another, award is from Yad Vashem with the title of “Righteous Among the Nation” in 1963 (Source E internet). The U.S. Postal Service issued a stamp in 19977 but wasn’t released because Wallenberg might of still been alive (Sources B internet). Another, award from the United States was the Congressional Gold Medal in 2012 (Source B internet). Wallenberg institute of Human Rights and Humanitarian Law at the Lund UNiversity in Sweden (Sources C
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