Rap Battle Research Paper

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2.2 Rap Battle - Verbal Element

If the subconscious mind is trained and controlled the right way it is possible for humans to create verbal art, which comes close to “verbal magic” (Cobb 41). This talent can get an entire audience to listen attentively since the addition of verbal techniques, such as alliteration, internal rhyme, and metaphor harmonize to a rappers simple rhyming ability (41). Therefore, it is not astonishing rappers strive to partake in art’s creation. Notwithstanding, it is important to mention that “crossing of swords between [...] two artists” is observable in hip hop’s verbal element (50,77). According to Cobb, “the battle, the ritual exchange of freestyle barb, requires mental poise, grace under verbal fire, and composure” (77). His definition of courage as
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A sensation is created when the right balance of body and time’s improvisation is constructed in freestyle, a contest appraised with emphasis due to African Americans being limited in the past (78). Its goal to figuratively split the opponent MC’s voice box is used by young verbalists to illustrate their freedom (78). According to Cobb, an important statement is being made because “freestyle” shows freedom unlike what its opposite “slave style” would offer to embody (78).
Hip hop’s element of freestyling requires wit. As the words are not sung but spoken and repetitions unacceptable it leaves less room for verbal error in speech (Cobb 78) and, therefore, demands precision. The MC is aware of how to make the best usage of time and is in “constant, literal dialogue with not only the audience but also their collective sense of timing and expectation” (78). It is in the MC’s heredity to “battle royale” (79), meaning to fight until only one is left standing. However, the weaker enemy can always astonish by outplaying and “stepp[ing] inside his opponent’s sense of time”
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