Rap In Music

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How does one go about translating an award winning novel into a short musical piece? That is a question to which there isn’t a defined answer. The task itself may seem particularly daunting, but it can be done. One must simply ask themselves, “What events need to be included?” What style of song should it be? Once these questions are answered the next step is simply harnessing your inner creativity and constructing a masterpiece. In the end just ask yourself, “Does my song accurately portray the novel?” When conceiving a song based off of a preexisting story it can be an arduous task trying to decide just what events will be embodied within the lyrics. Novels often contain a plethora of information that cannot easily be condensed into a song.…show more content…
Music is often considered to be the ultimate art form and consists of hundreds of diverse genres. Each one has its own vibe and possesses different story telling capabilities. For example, the Blues genre is often used to tell stories of sadness while Reggae is often used to convey a story of happiness. For stories that are extremely complicated and convoluted, such as “One Hundred Years of Solitude” the most advantageous genre to use is rap. Rap is a large genre that is made up of multiple sub genres with different qualities, but it is often used to express complex stories and tales. Using a multitude of allusions, puns and literary devices, rappers are capable of masterfully constructing stories and conveying a multitude feelings. Notable examples include tales such as “Stan” by Eminem which creates a fictional story of an obsessed fan and “Dance with the Devil” by Immortal Technique a story about a young black male’s life of crime. Unlike, other genres rap is able to embody multiple ideas and feelings and introduce them to a listener in a tasteful fashion. When writing a song about a novel it is important to make sure that it accurately portray the book. Does the song convey the story’s overall tone and mood? One Hundred Years of Solitude is a story about the village of Macondo and its many inhabitants, notably the Buendia family. It follows the family as it rapidly grows & prospers and then shrinks & falls into disrepair before the village is destroyed. The song written about this novel summarizes these events and contains its important plot points. It also perfectly embodies story’s tone and overall
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