Hip-Hop Music's Influence On American Culture

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As acknowledged by Candice Jenkins, a researcher on Hip-Hop and the Literary from Duke University , “indeed, it calls for a rigorous attention to rap's language and to the genre itself as a particular kind of verbal artifact, one driven as much by aestheticized oral communication as by musical expression” (Jenkins, 2013). Hip-hop and Literary studies focuses on the message that hip-hop music portrays, and the meaning of the diction. Society's ability to function stimulates from being able to communicate and be expressive through different formats. American culture norms are seen to include patience and peacefulness (InterExchange, 2018). Hip-hop was centered around a self-expression for artist, and a form of relatability for audiences;…show more content…
Hip-hop has become an intricate part of American culture, such music can alter the minds of the listeners. Currently hip-hop instils improper beliefs that negatively influence American people. As reported by Susan Weber, a music therapist at MMB Music Inc., “if someone is rapping over and over again about killing cops, someone is more likely to kill cops because people are susceptible to suggestions” (Haynes, 2006). There is a tendency for violent gestures such as killing to be shown in rap. The advertisement of killing, makes the audience more prone to to thinking of killing. Hip-hop has become an engrained aspect of American culture. The violence shown in rapping (component of hip-hop) allow for audiences to be exposed to more aggressive ideas. Nelson George, author of Hip Hop America, mentions “now we know that rap music, and hip hop style as a whole, has utterly broken through from its ghetto roots to assert a lasting influence on American clothing, magazine publishing, television, language, sexuality, and social policy…” (George, 1998). Hip Hop America, is centered around hip-hop in America and the effects hip-hop places on American culture. Artist praising negativity allow for audiences to be severely impacted by hip-hop subculture. Hip-hop coming from a violent environment, uses violence to express. An artist having an audience, opens up the possibility of artists giving the wrong impression of the perception of right or wrong. The ethical corruption hip-hop can create, increases by the violence incorporated in the

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