Rap Music In Slick Rick's Song

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“Rap Music only speaks of sexual activity, drugs, and money” Would all rap be considered dumb because of people saying these things about it? Rap was not always like this just because rap has now been “dumb” doesn 't mean it always was. I Consider rap to be great even though now it has no culture like it used to. We made rap basic and not as unique over time. Also the message in rap now is awful, but back before our generation rap was legendary it had so much culture behind it. Rap tells a story unlike songs that repeat verses. Rap was beautiful poetry, telling lessons. Now people no longer care for the poetry or the story. Slick Rick 's song Children 's Story tells about two boys stealing and one getting to the hype about it and end up…show more content…
Rap artist like Lil wayne are examples of rap without poetry. Lil Wayne may be a bad artist; but his rap it shouldn 't justify all rap. He basically speaks of things not most people can relate to. He speaks on things we can 't afford like a driveway full of expensive cars or a house full of naked women. Although his rap may be completely R rated doesn 't mean all rap has to be. Most rap artist brings us up and make us feel like we 're something, or relate to our current situation which makes us feel like we 're not alone. Poetry is a beautiful thing rap is just poetry speed up with a beat, but when you like Rick ross who just raps to be the fastest rapper without people even understanding or wiz Khalifah who people have to search up lyrics or not even care for what he 's saying. Instead of considering rap to be dumb we need to consider artist to be dumb. Some artist don 't deserve to be considered rap artist because rap surpasses anything they can offer. Rap is spoken word, lyrical poetry it 's much more than any of this artist can justify. Why consider it to be dumb when it 's only getting meaning out there? Rap wouldn 't be considered dumb because of people saying these things about it. Rap has so much meaning that people dont understand so

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