Rap Vs Rap Music Essay

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The culture of music has evolved now for many years. The genres of music offered for entertainment purposes are endless. While music can define someone, music can also help alleviate certain emotions. How, you may ask? Right? Well, let us look at an example, one can hear music to drift away from emotional experiences when one goes through a relationship break up. Music has a way to help us cope with emotional distress and can even have the effects of a healing therapy. Music can be helpful for many other reasons. But what happens when a specific genre in music that evolved from good is now defeating the purpose of being good. What type of music, you might ask? The type of music that evolved for good and is currently defeating the purpose for good is rap and hip-hop. No doubt that music of this genre has catchy rhythms that causes one to dance or to simply tap to the rhythm. But instead of concentrating on the rhythm, pay close attention of the lyrics and who is being targeted with these lyrics. The evolution and adaptation of rap and hip-hop music targets, demeans, and defames women versus the roots and originality of rap that helped social causes.…show more content…
The word target simply mean to direct or to be the object of something or someone ( The word demean means to lower in dignity and or honor ( Finally the word defame means to attack the good name or reputation of someone by uttering or publishing maliciously or falsely anything injurious ( These word are the effects that rap and hip-hop music cause now in our contemporary society. The lyrics of this specific music genre contain misogynic denotations. What does misogynic mean? Right? Well, misogynic means the hatred, dislike, mistrust, or prejudice against women ( Our society as a whole has adapted to the social norms influenced by todays rap and hip-hop
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