Rape And Hate Analysis

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Rape and hate! The teacher asked the class to explain the meaning of hate. Alice the joker said: “Fanatic people create hate if they are allowed to lead a debate!” It is the fate of people with low grade to attack each other even with a spade until the police will have to come and raid! * Rosa said: “I hate when I’m late for a date with my mate because he feels not great if he has to wait!” * Annie said: “A fish will hate if caught by bait because he cannot escape! “ * Little Sylvia cleverly said to end this question: “At any rate I would hate if I failed to escape from being raped!” * 24. Scottish having no taste buds! The teacher asked the class to explain the meaning of taste. Alice explained that good cooking is a waste for people who have no taste because they eat in haste as if they were chased! Alice how do you know that a person has no taste? You know it for sure if they are Scottish! * 25. Fixing the roof! The teacher asked the students to write an essay containing the following subjects: a) Roof, b) Parachute, c) Pain, d) Mad, e) Hospital He stressed that the one with the most compact essay will be the winner! The shortest and most informative sentence read: “He was repairing the roof when falling without a parachute into a groove getting injured so bad that the…show more content…
Most of the girls blushed! Some said that this was not a proper question to ask them, and that they would tell their parents about this approach! The teacher smiled and asked again, common girls behave and explain! One girl got up and answered: "The pupil of the eye, in dim light." Correct, the teacher praised, and now to all the others I have three things to say. Firstly, you have not studied your lessons, secondly, you have a dirty mind and thirdly, you will some day be faced with a real
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