Essay On Sexual Assault And Rape

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Sexual Assault and rape are serious social issues and crime in the United States that athletes get away with because they are highly profiled and they can deny it which makes it seem the victim is lying, they can afford better lawyers because they are rich and powerful and women seem to trust them because they feel nothing will happen to them off their high profile. Women are the main victims of sexual assault and rape, while during most situations men are the perpetrators. Where there also have been rare incidents where children have been involved with child rape and sexault assault rather the victims are men,women or children they tend to stay quiet because they feel they won 't be believed. There has been a long list of sexual assault with…show more content…
Hundreds of college and professional athletes, along with some college and Olympic coaches and , have been accused of sexual assault in recent years, including gang rape. While athletes have gone to prison for their sex crimes, studies show that relatively few accusations lead to arrest or conviction. Researchers say schools, leagues and Olympic organizations frequently have failed to investigate credible allegations and that sports programs have ignored or covered up sex crimes by star athletes, who often receive preferential treatment from schools, teams and police. While no sport is immune from allegations of sexual abuse, researchers say extremely aggressive sports, such as football, can fuel what they call a culture of rape. Still, some athletes have been falsely accused, and universities are under pressure to improve their methods of distinguishing guilt from innocence. Meanwhile, professional leagues are implementing new policies for dealing with sexual and domestic abuse and are requiring assault-prevention training (Ladika,Bangen,Wade
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