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how does she view her visits to the hospital? Use examples from the story to support your answer? Prior to entering middle school Paige was very confident about herself see believed in her self even through she knew she was HIV positive. She played sports she was on honor roll and she just lived her life like another other normal person. When she was asked about the hospital visits she said she thought it was normal and in fact the liked to go for the check ups. When ever she saw Dr. Cox Paige always got happy and she was happy to see her. Paige wanted to be like her when she grew up. Paige did a lot of things with her mom as well like they went to the beach eat together and Paige never looked at her self badly before going to middle school. 2. On several occasions Paige (and her mother) communicate with school administration about the bullying Paige endures. How does the administration respond to Paige’s needs? What about her coaches? Did Paige’s mother make a good decision to home school Paige in middle school? Why or why not? Use examples from the story to support your answer When Paige when to administration to get help about her bulling problem, they never listened to her and never really helped her. When Paige went to her counselor for…show more content…
What Paige is saying is there is a darkness inside of her by this she means all the pain she went through all the suffering she did in her last school. All the name calling all the lonesomeness all the negligent, that is all inside of her. She also says “Herron couldn’t push the darkness out. Mrs. lane couldn’t the school nurse couldn’t. Only I could do that but not yet.” she is saying no one can really help her with her pain they can help but only she can but it needs time to heal. A change in scenery would help Paige now in the new school she is with new people new staff that care about her and she feels loved. Even with a new scenery some people could know her and can start the whole problem
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