Rape Culture Analysis

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Few care to find out a victim's story because society believes she's been around or maybe she wasn't so innocent after all or it was her boyfriend/husband or look at what she was wearing or she's just another wild college student. Before we know it there's such a thing as rape culture. We as a member of society are a part of it as adults caught up in a cycle that only seems to get worse. Sexual assault starts with a few rumors or unwanted look then there's the sexual harassment or being groped next you're being followed into an alley where it all goes dark. The CNN video is a clear example of why sexual harassment on the street isn't taken seriously because the men who are objectifying women see it as a simple compliment portrayed by Steve…show more content…
In the article "Dear Men It's You, Too" by Roxane Gay her main argument is that men are focusing on the critiques they get to justify ignoring the real issue behind why they are being criticized. For instance, "Skeptics are willing to perform all kinds of mental acrobatics to avoid facing the very stark realities of living in this world as a woman"(3). Santagati shares this similar close-minded view of the horrors women face surrounded by rape culture. He is ignorant of the issue of sexual harassment and the consequences women face for attempting to speak up. After finding out about the girl who was killed for confronting her accuser from Seales he is taken aback but not before responding with extreme protection suggestions for…show more content…
In her Ted Talk "Your body language may shape who you are" she talks about how people are perceived based on how their body is positioned at the time and how people shift poses to allow for only one alpha. For example, "So if someone is being really powerful with us, we tend to make ourselves smaller" (5:20). It is in the way they listen to him but he doesn't give them the same attention or respect. Rather he extends himself head held high making sure they feel his idea of having his views dominate in the
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