Rape Culture In Sociology

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Sociology has been defined by many individuals and expertise. One can define it as the study of the configuring course in the social system where there exist both indirect and direct and co-relations amongst human being. Sociology can also be defined as the methodical study of culture which includes social associations' patterns, relations as well as philosophy. On the other hand, culture is defined as the act of evolving the rational and ethical capacities usually through learning. Therefore, culture is a set of learned behaviors and practices. In fact, enculturation is the process through which teenagers acquire knowledge on how to carry themselves in the society. Rape is the illegal sexual doings and typically sexual interaction that is…show more content…
Some sociologists of the earlier decades believed that individual' protagonists in society and even societies at large can use the same methods of scientific studies which were used in the natural disciplines. Nevertheless, the activists and feminist authors promoted the rape culture in the United State in the year 1970. The rape was the first sourcebook for the female to have the print of rape culture. The book was printed in the year 1974 and it was amongst the first books which deeply discussed rape from women's experiences point of view. In 1975, it premiered a film with the title Rape Culture. The film penciled much attention on how popular culture and media spread the erroneous and mainstream views concerning rape. During that period, rape cases and sexual violence became the common offenses all over the nation. However, women used the term rape to draw attention to the fact that sexual violence was not rare to exceptional delinquencies stanch by spoiled persons hence the fact was believed by…show more content…
The rape culture can be termed as a culture where the societal is a norm for females to be represented just because of the rape fear to be present ever. Again, there is an acceptance that it is impossible for one to conceive the society where there no existence of rape. The acceptance and anticipation of nuisance, objectification, and also the possibility of rape cases, is emphasized through the study where a large proportion of women, employed in professions dominated by the male are undergoing sexual provocation. However, the victims examined the sensitivity of their own other than blaming the committers hence accrediting the conduct of men for just being men. The expectations binary gender is contributing to the culture of blaming the fatality; hence the men responsible is not to be good and respectful but rather the females to overawe the weakness alleged to be in their response. Women employed in the workplace where the male is the dominant, if they fail to consent that culture will simply mean a loss of job position thus the only pending choice is to accept the eternally agitated casualty otherwise it will mean a jobless

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