Rape Culture Papers

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Rape Culture
Rape culture is an issue all over America. It usually comes to light when a victim of sexual assault comes forward to talk about their experience and what occurred during the event. Rape culture is also embedded in today’s society, it can happen in an everyday setting with social media posts as well as the toxic masculinity that is taught and displayed throughout all of a young man’s life. However, not a lot of people are aware of how rape culture affects everyday life. The way to make people aware of what they’re doing to contribute to the problem is to educate the general public about rape culture and how it affects a victim’s life. We can also ensure victim’s safety by implementing stronger consequences against those accused of rape. Rape culture is commonly perpetrated by young men on college campuses. In a report published in 2015, it is stated that one in five women have experienced sexual assault while on a college campus (Luna 1). This is because young men are not taught that they do not have a right to women’s bodies. Rape is not spoken about in most American schools because it is considered a “taboo” topic, that in itself is considered rape culture. In another report in 2009, studies show that only nine percent of women report their sexual assault cases to the authorities (Luna 1). Women get assaulted every day in the US, yet very few come forward to the authorities because they have seen the backlash that almost all other women face when they accuse

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