Rape In The Fields

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Rape in the Fields documentary was very heartbreaking, although I was not surprised. Through out this course I have learned what women are subjected to at their jobs and it brought me back to the previous movie we had watched, North Country. The two movies were very similar in the fact that women face harassment while at work, although rape in the fields case did not get the justice they deserved. This film shows human rights violations against illegal immigrant women in the farm fields. The Rape in the Fields has been at the forefront of dialogue to further investigate the sexual crimes migrant women must endure in the agricultural industry. Reports of harassment and sexual violence against female farmworkers span the U.S. map.
The women working the farms most the time are women who are poor, immigrants and need
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The often don’t speak English and are very unaware with the rules of sexual assault and are unsure they are even able to report it. The foramen takes advantage of the women who are uneducated. In the film Rape in the fields one of the victim’s states “my father wanted to work in the fields but they had no jobs available for him, they then told my father there were spots for his daughters to work though”. The women states sometimes the officials would say, “Well, you’ve got to come with me to the motel,” or “You’ve got to take a trip with me to the fields.” The fields were called the
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