Rape In The Kite Runner

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Rape in Afghanistan is even said to be an “epidemic” by Time Magazine. Afghanistan has major problems with rape and also domestic violence. Usually, rape also involves domestic violence as well. Not only are women raped, but even men, especially children of both genders. In the Kite Runner rape is a very prevalent topic in and throughout the book. Bacha Bazi is even a part of the Kite Runner.
Bacha Bazi is a significant piece of the plot of the Kite Runner. In the story, the Amir must go to Afghanistan to save his nephew from being a "bacha bazi" sex slave. By Amir doing this he internally hopes that it will rid him of the guilt he felt as a child from seeing Hassan raped and not standing up for him. As part of the practice, young boys are
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When the Kite Runner was made into a movie and made its debut in December of 2007. A storm quickly started to form and the twelve year old actor, that played the part of Hassan, and his family, started to receive death threats in afghanistan. before the movie was released, Paramount agreed to help the family out of afghanistan and be relocated to an unnamed city. When Gillian Reagan interviewed Khaled Hosseini, and asked if if he ever planned on there being so much controversy sourronding the movie nd even threats of death made he said that he has planned to catch the attention of the movie watchers and raise eyebrows but he nor production, ever imagined that it would lead to the actors fearing for their lives. Also, that if production would have know this would have happened then they would have not even casted actors from afghanistan. he goes on to say it just shows how much afghanistan has changed and how much more of a hostile environment it has became. He continues that statement and closing with “ Things have become more violent. It’s a more dangerous place than it was. It has slid back and there’s a new element of criminality and violence there.” The next question he is asked is “Would you have advocated cutting the scene to protect the children?” Hosseini’s responses tell us exactly how important this topic really is to him
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