Rape In The Military Essay

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1. This paper will discuss the rapes that occur while in the military, and a way to spread awareness. 2. I interested in spearing awareness about this topic because the people put their life on the line every day to save us and we should be doing the same. Many of those men and women that get rape in the military are ashamed of admitting it, but I want to help them by inspiring them to speak up about it so the others can follow. 3. I know that mostly men get raped in the military and they are ashamed of speaking up. The rapist is usually someone in a higher position and threatens them if he/she ever spoke up about what happened to him. 4. I need to find statistics showing the amount of people that get raped in the military. I also need to…show more content…
I want to do a research paper on this topic because I want to understand how we spend more money on “our military than the next eight nations combined” but we can’t find ways to decrease the number of rapes occurring in the military (Brock Obama). I want to spread awareness about this topic because these soldiers are doing so much for this country and they end up getting raped. I want those soldiers to be able to speak up about what happen rather than fearing their superiors. 7. My intended audience is the general public and my professor. 8. Rape has been a serious issue for centuries. But we hardly hear of cases about rape that occurred in the military that’s usually because the victims are too afraid to speak up against their superior officers. 9. I want to persuade my audience that rape is a serious issue in the military and it needs to be dealt with in a different way because the current system isn’t effective. Victims are still too afraid to speak about what happened to them. 10. Rape in the military is a datable topic because some people maybe too ignorant to believe such a horrendous act can happen in our military. Some people may believe that the reason why we don’t hear about many rape cases in the military is because they don’t occur. Others may disagree and say that these victims are too afraid of speaking up because of the hate they will receive because they are tarnishing a fellow soldiers reputation.
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