Rape Of Berlin Essay

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The Rape of Berlin was a war crime; it was not a necessary evil. History books only tell us so much compared to what actually happens, they tend to leave out some topics because they just don’t have enough evidence. Therefore, not many people are familiar to topics such as rape during World War II. History concentrated so much on the soldiers and how they survived in the cold, that it forgets about the innocent people who are in the middle of all the chaos. The women and children who get assaulted and violated in a war which they didn’t sign up for. The Treptower Park in Berlin which is home to a grand statue of a soldier holding a young girl in one hand and a sword in the other, is known to many as the final resting place for the 5,000 of…show more content…
The rape of uncountable amount of women and small girls in the ages between 8 to even 80 years. Even though the Nazi soldiers did the same crime towards the Soviet women it was not necessary for the Soviet soldiers to do what they did. Instead of raping the women and torturing them as they did, they could have ended the woman’s life then and there. However, instead without mercy they raped and killed a disturbing amount of women. It was recorded that during that time there were more than 2 million abortions, and if not aborted some women even went to lengths of drowning their new born in a lake nearby. To escape the fate of rape and sexual abuse, women would commit suicide or even kill their younger daughters, and then themselves. Even men were known to kill their wives and then themselves to escape what would lie ahead of them. As there were very few men to protect the women, if any, the only men who would be seen protecting a woman would either be a father protecting his daughter or a young boy protecting their mother. However, in doing so they would be shot on the spot. The Rape of Berlin was a major war crime as it was done through pure vengeance, and because of how young and innocent the victims were. It was also unnecessary as there were other ways which were quicker that they could have committed this mass murder. However, changing history now may
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