Raphus Cucullatus Research Paper

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Andrea Cavalli Stone Historical Geology G11 21 November 2014 Life History of the Raphus Cucullatus The Raphus Cucullatus is the scientific name for the extinct animal also known as the Dodo Bird. This large, feathery bird lived in the Cenozoic era, but became extinct rather quickly due to many factors. In the 15th century, Wybrand Van Warwijck referred to the dodo bird by the name “Walgyogel,” when he was writing in his journal about his great discovery. The dodo bird’s name is unclear on how it became, but it is known that the word “dodo” means “crazy” or “fool” in the Portuguese dictionary. The word “dodoaars” is a Dutch word which refers to “the bird’s knot of feathers”, which would make sense because the dodo bird was very feathery. (…show more content…
It was one meter in length, which is a little over three feet. The bird weighed near forty-four pounds, and it had a life span which lasted anywhere from ten to thirty years depending on the situation. The colors of the dodo bird varied; they were brown, white, black and grey. Surprisingly, this large bird did not have the capability of flying, so it was a ground animal. A lot of people automatically associate the word “bird” with flying, but this one did not leave the ground. Even if the Dodo-Bird wanted to it’s wings did not have the strength to support it’s large, round
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