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Rapper Famous Dex is a well known Chicago rapper . He has had many collaborations like , Rich the Kid,Lil Yachty,Trill Sammy and Ugly God . Coming from a struggling south side Chicago neighborhood , Englewood . He managed to fight his way through all the poverty ,violence, and murder . He didn’t have his father in his life that much after serving in the military and being sentenced for some time due to gang activity relations . He grew up loving the sport of basketball and school .As a teen he got caught up in a robbery .He was stabbed six times and suffered a four day coma . He tried his best by escaping all the drama by getting a job . His first job was at LIds .He stated that minimum wage wasn’t cutting so he soon left the job . He then later found himself doing…show more content…
I don’t want anything to do with his childhood but my plan could be just as successful . I plan on making good grades all the way through highschool and college . Once I make it out it should be many opportunities to go through . My initial plan is to go through a good university in the state of Texas and look for something in the medical field or mechanical . I know both of those careers come in so many opportunities .I will have to narrow down the huge list and look for something that fits me .By fits me I mean something that wouldn 't be too far out of the box . I was never very interested in academics coming up but know i 'm starting to realize the importance that these thing may differ your life . It’s going to be a long road but I know if I put my to the challenge I could conquer this goal . Role models like Famous Dex show that success could come from doing anything just by putting your mind to the test . He came from a terrible neighborhood to finally purchasing his first home by hiself by rapping . I appreciate everything i receive just like him . Me growing up with a loving household with both my mother and father being with me through every pathway i take . He lost his mom due to

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