Raptors Argumentative Essay

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The Toronto Raptors (50-31) begin their march back to the Eastern Conference Finals against the Milwaukee Bucks (42-39). The Raptors are clearly the more talented team top to bottom and boasted a much stronger offense (6th ORTG vs 13th in ORTG) and defense (8th DRTG vs 16th DRTG). However, the Bucks have maybe the best player in the series, the “Greek Freak” Giannis Antetokounmpo. Giannis is in the midst of a breakout season with crazy averages of 22.9 ppg, 8.7 rpg, 5.4 apg, 1.7 spg and 1.9 bpg (He is the first player in NBA history to finish top 20 in all major stats). Alternatively, the Raptors poses in my opinion the best Point Guard in the eastern conference Kyle Lowry. Lowry was enjoying a career best season, averaging 22 ppg 5 rpg 7…show more content…
Patrick Patterson has been arguably the Raptors 3rd best player for most of this season. Pattersons box score stats look pretty underwhelming this year with averages of only 7 ppg 4.5 rpg and 1.2 apg on a mediocre 54 TS%. Yet, Patterson has had an extremely positive impact for the Raptors this season. He is part of 4 of the Raptors top 5 lineups by net rating that have played at least 20 minutes together. Furthermore, Patterson has an overall net rating of 10.9 this season, which ranks first among rotation players on the Raptors. Patterson’s 3 point shooting is a key reason for this because his spacing opens up lanes for drive heavy guards like Lowry and Derozan. For the Raptors to win this series it is essential that Patterson hits his open 3 point shots. In wins Patterson is shooting 40% from 3 and in losses only 29% from 3. What could bode well for Patterson is that in the 4 games against the bucks this season he is shooting a blistering .780 TS% and 53% from 3. If Patterson converts on his open shots while playing solid defense, it could be a easy path to the second round for the…show more content…
Lowry has faired well in those games overall, but for the Raptors offense to go to another level they need is shooting (he 's also their only 3pt threat off the dribble). Good news for the Raptors is Lowry is shooting 37% from 3 and is 4 of 10 on off the dribble 3s in those games. Bucks experience: The Bucks do not have much playoff experience on their roster. Their 3 best players Antetokounmpo, Middleton, and Brogdon have a combined 12 playoff game between them (with the former 2 struggling in their 1 playoff series). Compared that to the Raptors, who have playoff experience up and down their roster with the likes of Lowry, Ibaka, DeRozan, and Carroll. All of who have played in at least 1 conference finals . Another thing to look out for is how the Bucks handle the loud and boisterous crowd at the Air Canada Centre. The Raptors have one of the best home courts in the NBA and the ACC is a hostile environment during the playoffs. It will be interesting to see if the young bucks crumble under the pressure of the bright
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