Rapunzel: Archetype Of Overcoming The Monster

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Selected fairy-tale: Rapunzel
A/ Archetype Analysis: The story of Rapunzel explores the archetype of ‘overcoming the monster.’ After a man is caught stealing a ‘Rapunzel plant’ from a witch named Dame Gothel’s garden to save his pregnant wife’s life though in exchange for his first-born. Rapunzel is taken from her parents after birth by Dame Gothel whom believes she is the most beautiful in the land and locks her in a tower on her 12th birthday. When a prince hears Rapunzel’s singing voice he comes to her and the two characters eventually fall in love. A notion of ‘over coming the monster’ becomes apparent as Rapunzel and the prince must escape and break through the witches’ wicked actions, in order to restore the prince’ sight and pursue
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