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Once upon a time there was a woman who lived in a small house outside her house there was a garden that had rapunzel in it the woman saw it and was craving for it. The woman told her husband that if she dosen’t get the rapunzel she would die so her husband went in the garden and was about to get the rapunzel but just then the sorceress who owned the garden came and said i will destroy you for entering my amazing garden. The husband cried please don’t destroy me my wife is having a baby and if she dosen’t get the rapunzel she will die the sorceress said ok but you have to give me all your money the husband said ok and gave the sorceress all his money and then he left with it. When the baby was born the sorceress remembered what the husband said she
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When the man and the sorceress were fighting the woman ran away. 4 years later the woman had all the power’s the evil sorceress has so the woman found the sorceress and started a fight the sorceress lost and the woman said tell me where is my daughter the sorceress said i locked her in a house underground to get there you will have to fight a monster a evil king and the last and strongest the evil dragon but remember if you destroy the evil dragon you will awaken the evil dragons family they will destroy anything in their path. The woman destroyed the sorceress and went underground to fight the monster the monster choked the woman but she took her sword and hit the monster then the monster was not strong anymore then the woman stabbed the monster and went on to the evil king. The evil king was hitting the woman with a sword and a bow and arrow but she used the lazer’s she had and killed the evil king. She went on to the dragon she was going to go around the dragon but the dragon saw her and woke up he started hitting the woman but she fought back and tried to hit the dragon but the dragon her with his tail the went flying and fell on the ground the dragon shot fire at her but she dodged and stabbed
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