Rapunzel Short Story

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All of the city cheered on this day. The King and Queen and all of the towns’ people were delighted at the birth of their new baby girl. Her name was Rapunzel and she had magical, golden hair and her eyes were as mesmerizing as the sky on a sunny day. The King and Queen were so excited and for almost one whole month, the kingdom celebrated the birth of the new baby girl… until one night.
While the moon was shining and the city’s gleeful gatherings had gone to rest, the entire kingdom was in danger. A greedy old woman named Mother Gothel knew of the powers that Rapunzel’s golden hair held and wanted it for herself in order to preserve her youth. She snuck into the kingdom’s castle, stole the princess, and locked her up in a tower so no
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It is just so important that you don’t leave this tower. EVER! I, I mean, I just want to protect my little girl.”
Mother Gothel stopped herself before Rapunzel got weary of why Mother was being oddly protective of her.
“But Mother, I would love to feel the dewy grass on my feet and to run as fast as I can for as far as I can; to see the nature in real life, not just paintings...” Rapunzel explained while sadly looking up to the portrait-covered walls that have run out of open painting space for Rapunzel. “...and I know you’ve told me not to, but I just really really want to cut my ha-”
“Don’t you ever!” Mother said, greedily interrupting Rapunzel.
She was astonished at what was coming out of that girl’s mouth. If Rapunzel were to ever cut her hair or even leave the tower, it would no longer restore the youth of Mother Gothel and she would be left simply as dust.
The next day, after Mother was finished running errands, she reached the bottom of the tower and yelled up to Rapunzel.
“Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair!”
There was no answer and Mother was instantly angry from within. She ran around to the back of the tower and entered in the secret door, sprinting up almost 40 flights of stairs to finally reach the
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