Rapunzel Vs. The Fair Angiola

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Have you ever read Rapunzel? I’m sure you have because it is a classic, but you might not have read other versions of it that tell the same story but in many different ways. The Fair Angiola is one of these different versions, both Rapunzel and The Fair Angiola both share different aspects of what happened and also quite a few similarities. Although the “happily-ever-after” ending stays the same in both Rapunzel stories, the plot is changed in many irritating ways which makes for a very colorful and new read; including how the girls were taken and the escape of them with the prince. Let 's start at the very beginning of this fairy tale. The story of Rapunzel starts when the child is taken because before she was born her mother saw…show more content…
In Rapunzel, she escapes with the prince by having the prince bring a piece of silk daily to so that Rapunzel could build a ladder. One day Rapunzel mentioned the prince to the witch and she was so angry that she cut off Rapunzel 's long hair and took her deep into the wilderness. Why would she just state her escape right in front of the witch who is holding her prisoner, she doesn 't seem like the smartest princess if she just mentioned the prince right to the witch 's face. She could have done it on accident but they never say that in the book, it would make a lot more sense if they did. Later that night when the prince called for her the witch let down Rapunzel 's hair, when he climbed up he was met by the witch. The prince was so sad that she wasn 't there that he jumped from the tower and landed in thorns that blinded him. He wandered in the wilderness for years until one day he heard a voice singing. He realized it was Rapunzel with the twins she had given birth too, in joy he went her and her tears of joy cured…show more content…
In The Fair Angiola, she escapes with the prince by leaving with him but before they left she gave all the furniture food something to eat so that they would not tell the witch where she went. However, there was a broom behind the door that she forgot to feed. This is a fairy tale, but it is just extremely absurd to make furniture talk, see, and eat. When she left she took three magical balls of yarn and and her dog followed them. When the witch got home she was furious, she asked the furniture where she went but they said she didn 't know, but the angry broom called out and told the witch was had happened. The witch began to run after them and she was very close when Angiola threw down the first ball of yarn and a great mountain of soap aros and the witch had a very hard time getting over it. She finally succeeded and Angiola through down the second yarn ball and a mountain covered with nails. When the witch finally got over that one she threw down the third yarn ball and a great stream appeared which kept increasing in size. The witch was not able to get across so she turned Angiola’s face into a dog face. So first the furniture talks and then there are magic balls that forms odd hills and now she has a dog face? Compared to the first Rapunzel which is a little bit weird, but then again most fairy tales are, this is just out of this world crazy. Angiola could not go meet the king and queen now so the prince took her to a small cottage and visited her
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