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Rare earth metals are a group of 17 that are found together on the periodic table. The whole rare earth metals are made only of metals. the group consists of yttrium and the 15 lanthanide elements. The first element in row 6 is lanthanum which is where the lanthanide group got its name. The word "rare” can make you think that the world is lacking these elements but the elements are in fact relatively abundant in the Earth's crust but in limited, insufficient amounts. The rare earth elements group got their name because at their initial discovery only tiny pieces of these metals could be separated from greater quantities of more common elements. rare earth elements tend to be found in the same ore deposits. The Japanese call them “the seeds of…show more content…
The element is a ferromagnetic element. Gadolinium is one of the 15 lanthanide elements, also known as Gd on the periodic table. Gadolinium is one of the most magnetic elements and one of the most neutron absorbing elements on the periodic table. There is only one other known element that has an absorbency which is xenon -135 an unstable element. The Atomic number of the element is 64, 157.25 g.mol -1 is the atomic mass of this element. The melting point of 1313 °C and the boiling point is 3266 °C. The density per cubic meter is 7.8 grams. The number of isotopes in the element Gadolinium is 13. The element in its natural form is a shiny, ductile, malleable, soft and silver element. The element is slow to react with water however it dissolves rapidly in acids. Gadolinium is found in an oxidized form in nature. Gadolinium is mainly found in monazite and bastnasite. The biggest gadolinium reserves are in Cina, USA, Brazil, Sri Lanka, India, and Australia. Per year about 400 tons of pure gadolinium is found worldwide. Out of all the rare earth elements, gadolinium is one of the most

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