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Name: Brendan Date : 24th Nov How temperature affects the rate of reaction Research Question: Does increasing or decreasing the temperature of hydrochloric acid affect the rate of reaction with magnesium? Introduction: The four factors that affect the rate of reaction; surface area, catalysts, temperature and concentration. In this case, it would be the temperature (Rate of Reaction of Magnesium with Hydrochloric Acid). According to the chemistry textbook, Chemistry higher tier, by increasing the temperature the rate of reaction increases. This happens because of the collision theory. The collision theory states that when particles are heated they gain more energy and move with a higher rate and force. Therefore…show more content…
Rate of Reaction Mg / HCl R2 = 0.96 The R2 value is close to 1 which means the data is reliable and accurate. The data for 28.0°C is the furthest away from the line of best fit probably because either the temperature or time was not measured properly. This graph evidently proves my hypothesis right. Although the room temperature experiment was not as close to the line of best fit as others, we can roughly estimate the time taken for the magnesium to dissolve in the hydrochloric acid.…show more content…
The hypothesis can be accepted because when the temperature of the hydrochloric acid was 55.0°C, the time taken for the magnesium to dissolve completely was 182.23 seconds. As I decreased the temperature of the hydrochloric acid, the 3 cm magnesiums trip took longer to dissolve. When the temperature was 42.7°C, the time taken to dissolve the magnesium strip was 406.26 seconds. The time taken increased dramatically by 224.03. This proves that my hypothesis was correct. Furthermore, my data compared to other resources are fairly similar. The rate of reaction approximately doubles every time the temperature increases by the 10°C (Ingram, Paul). Whereas my rate of reactions double every 20°C instead of 10°C. This tells me that I was not accurate enough with my timing and measuring. The results of the experiment was as predicted and more successful than I thought it was going to

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