Character Analysis: Non Therapeutic Communication

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Therapeutic Communication: Quote: “That discharge looks miserably uncomfortable for you…Do you think you could hold this?” (p.21 Baier) Background: Sue is just starting to loose function and cannot swallow adiqitly and is embarrassed of the pool of saliva collecting and beginning to run down her face. Harriet comes to Sue’s bedside and voices that Sue looks uncomfortable, makes eye contact and expresses concern. Harriet then grabs a dental like suction and addresses the degrading situation. Technique: Sharing observations Rational:The nurse shared her observation of the excess saliva and establishes the patients discomfort through non verbal cue, she focuses on the patients emotionally venerable state. She offers an option to relieve…show more content…
Instead the patient is actually hot and prefers to have the covers off , but the nurse failed to eye contact and address the patients actual need. Non-Therapeutic Communication Quote: “Get use to that because you’re going to have a lot of that while you’re here.”… “When I got breath back, I asked him what he had done. Nothing, yet,” he replied. “I just want you to know what we’ll be doing when your condition gets worse.” (Page 16, Baier). Background: While being admitted to the ICU Sue encounters a nurse named Bruce who is going through protocol and unexpectedly in a cold manner puts a tube down her throat to show her what to expect in the months to come. Sue is in an emotional/ venerable state unaware of her condition or how severe it really is. Technique: Giving advice Rationale: The nurse is following protocol and admitting the patient, while diminishing an unconformable procedure the nurse is educating the patient on what is to be expected while she is in the ICU, but could benefit from compassionately placed advice. His approach to giving advice in a cold manner is not the best method but did get the point…show more content…
She’s reacting.” That was Carol. I knew her voice. It was firm and steady. “Keep watching her blood pressure.” … “Sue that shot I gave you apparently was too strong. You’re overreacting to it. Your vital signs are good.” … “You stick with us, and we’re going to take care of you. You will be all right, I promise you. You’re going to make it.” (p. 95, Baier) Background: Sue was suffering from a reaction to the antibiotics administered, which was causing her to bite down on her tongue. This was painful for Sue, luckily Carol was able to figure out the issue and spoke with a Doctor. The Doctor on call made the suggestion to give a dose of Benadryl to relieve Sue’s

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