Ratio Of The Philippines: Drug Scenario In The Philippines

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DRUG SCENARIO IN THE PHILIPPINES Whenever someone asks a person who is a drug dependent, if he ever thought he would be addicted on drugs, most probably he would say “no”. When a person tries a certain drug for the first time, he doesn’t have a way to predict the effect of the said drug on his body. Each person is unique and so each person’s body chemistry and tolerance to drugs also differ from each other. In the Philippines, sad to say, illegal drugs become one of the most rampant and perennial problems the country has. The worse part of it is, the victims are mostly the young generation. Based on the facts gathered from the Dangerous Drugs Board (DDB), last 2014, there were a total of 4,392 admissions in twenty-nine (29) residential and two (2) non-residential treatment and rehabilitation facilities. 3, 388 reported cases of first-time admission were recorded, which about 70% comprises the male population. Given below is the profile of the reported cases of drug abuse as of 2014. PROFILE OF DRUG ABUSERS (Facility Based)* CY 2014 AGE : Mean age of 30 years SEX : Ratio of male to female 12:1 CIVIL STATUS : Single 49.07% STATUS OF EMPLOYMENT : Unemployed 47.59% EDUCATIONAL ATTAINMENT : College Level 29.83% ECONOMIC STATUS : Average Monthly Family Income Php 15,423 PLACE OF RESIDENCE : Urban (Specifically NCR 45.56%) DURATION OF DRUG - TAKING : More than six (6) years NATURE OF DRUG - TAKING : Poly drug use** DRUGS/SUBSTANCES OF ABUSE

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