Rational Choice, Social Learning, And Strain Theory Of Criminology

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Theories Some of the theories that can explain why are there prostitutes lingering around my neighborhood are rational choice, social learning, and Strain theory. Rational choice theory of criminology, says that people make logical choices about under what circumstances to commit crime. For example, Mike’s girlfriend had to meet with the prison guard who accepted a blow job and thirty dollars in exchange for smuggling in three pills of oxycodone to Mike, which he took to ease the pain from a severe beating received in the yard. “Social learning theory has had a distinct and lasting impact on the field of criminology. This framework evolved from the Edwin Sutherland’s Differential Association in the 1940s, which argued that crime is learned through interactions with intimate…show more content…
The data I have collective does show people in my neighborhood filing complaints about street prostitution, but I do not see any police office addressing the problem. What I do see that they are more concern about is murders, robbery, burglary and so on but not prostitution. Street prostitution is a serious crime as well. With the case of the Lingers Motel that murder was related to prostitution. In my neighborhood there are a lot of hard working single mother with their kid trying to get by. Those parents should not have to see or explain to their children what are those prostitution doing there five in the morning just standing there. “On The Run “, by Alice Gorman gives an insight on why someone will commit a crime maybe because of their backgrounds. Miss Linda and some others females are a good example to show why might prostitutes lingering around or why they have become one. Some of the reason could be that they might be one of those single mother out there, or they might be working for a pimp, or they are like Miss Linda who has sex with men to support her drug

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