Rational Egoism In Ayn Rand's Anthem

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Ayn Rand’s Anthem is a very interesting narrative, where you experience the fight between collectivism and rational egoism. A young man called Equality 7-2521 is put in a foster home, where he could not leave the house or else he faces punishment. He ventures off into a tunnel late nights where he takes time out to write his thoughts down and develop new ideas. Equality 7-2521 is then truly admired by this one girl he calls “The Golden One.” In the piece, Equality 7-2521 is example of rational egoism. He portrays a great of self-interest in the narrative. The society in which he lives in is the collectivist society. Eventually, he introduces his idea of the invention of lights. He thought the elite scholars of the society would adopt his invention…show more content…
Rand’s story ultimately leads to the conclusion that a society in which people lives collectivism is under strict planning and control. The collectivist society barred the individuals experience to develop their own thinking. Ayn Rand, introduces both cases to the narrative to show you the difference of both, but she ultimately believes that rational egoism is the way to live. Rational egoism cares oneself and promotes self interest. This is where Equality 7-2521 is freed from collectivism and introduced to a new political philosophy called rational egoism. Equality 7-2521 finds that rational egoism to the right way to live. He finds out about the word “I” and this ultimately gives the signification that rational egoism is illustrated in the narrative. Rational egoism is ultimately the cure of a collectivism. It shows that individuals will want their freedom. They would want to express their ideas as freely as possible. Equality 7-2521 expresses that he wanted his freedom from this society. They feel that collectivism is pressing on their opportunity to prosper. For example, Equality 7-2521 could not live under the collectivism because he wanted to introduce his new invention. In this situation, rational egoism is a cure of collectivism. Rational egoism promotes the idea of newer ideas, and gives individuals the opportunity to think outside of the
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