Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (EBT)

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From the studies, we can use A – B – C – D – E model from Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT) to deal with the youths who having self – destructive behaviors such as getting into fights and choose to slip away instead of searching for help from counselor and peers. These youths are having irrational beliefs which mislead them so that they must be perfect all the time and if they fail to do so, they will suffering from negative emotions and self – blame. The strength of REBT is that it emphasis on a comprehensive and eclectic approach to treatment that includes cognitive, behavioral as well as emotive components. It is an approach which associate the feelings, thinking and behavior of their clients. REBT also focuses on the 'here – and…show more content…
It is not effective with clients who having mental problems such as schizophrenia and thinking disorder patients. This therapy also requires the counsellors to talk, persuade and highly active in the counselling process. It might prematurely defining and misdefining the problem by limiting the scope. Some individuals might not able to accept this approach because it is directive and confrontive. Mr Joshua will get support and help from his peers who are also counsellor when facing difficulties in handling certain problems in some cases. When the counsellor feels that he cannot cope with certain situation, it probably the best if he can refers to his peers as the feedback received can be more relevant. Every therapist is having strengths and weaknesses in different aspects so this encourages them to their role of counsellor and the contribution that they can make to the counselling…show more content…
Children who are still immature in their thinking and behavior is unable to provide a good insight in order to solve the problems faced. It providing much insight to the behaviors, interactions and motivation to the family members but it may not providing much explicit interventions. In order to get good cooperation from entire family, it may took a longer time as compare to other approaches. The counsellor, Mr Joshua applies Reality Therapy which is based on Choice Theory to let the clients know which of their behavior is inappropriate and teaches the client to act in more logical and productive way. The advantage of Reality Therapy is it has a short – term focus as compared with family therapy. This therapy includes both the cognitive – behaviorism theory and the concept of existentialism. It is also client – focused as there is no any hidden agenda present by the therapist. It is active in process of counselling because it encourages the client to decide what they are doing is working or

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