Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy Theory Summary

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Part one: Goal of Christian counselling
Crabb argues that the primary goal of the biblical counseling theory is to promote Christian maturity and to enhance an individual’s spiritual life and worship experience. Precisely, he maintains that Christian maturity is developed by dealing with emergent problems with the consent of the scripture (Crabb, 1997). As such, the basic reference material in developing spirituality and neutralizing therapeutic problems is the Bible. Moreover, the development of one’s inward character during the counselling session is likened to that of Jesus Christ. As a result, this theory emphasizes the importance of having constructive attitudes, purposes and beliefs in Christianity. Embracing these values enhances one’s moral standing and thereby averts their indulgence sin. As a result, it gives a provision for treatment since the counselor seeks to develop the characters of the people being counselled as stated about the biblical teachings.
Comparatively, the Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy has an almost similar rationale to Crabb’s argument. In fact, this theory is widely utilized in cases where the
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As such, this theory stipulates the importance of the client confining in the counselor before the commencement of the counselling process (Johnson, Ridley & Nelsen, 2000). Moreover, this approach utilizes the combination of a secular and religious approach to dealing with psychological issues. As such, the counselor can draw insight from scientific principles and complement the decisions made with the religious aspect. As such, there is an inclusion of the provisions stipulated in the biblical counselling theory. The utilization of religiously sensitive interventions to neutralize psychological problems as pertained in this approach are similar to Crabb’s
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