Rational Orientation In Criminal Justice

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Rational Orientation
Within this discussion board, we will discuss the key purpose of criminal justice in regards to either rational or legal orientation of criminal justice. Then clarify what are the main assumptions of this orientation, and whether or not we share these assumptions and agree or disagree with the stated purpose, why or why not?
The main purpose of rational choice
Criminal justice, according to rational choice thinks that crime is brought about, and that “criminal behavior is no different from noncriminal behavior based on that person intentionally choose to undertake and that they choose to commit crime because it will be more rewarding and less costly for them than noncriminal behavior” (“Rational Choice Theory”,
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It does not matter if the crime is a violent or minor crime because a crime is a crime and no matter what the cost value is the criminal should be in fear of the punishment they will receive for committing any crime, but they are not. Now, what this learner does not agree with, is that criminal sit down and do the cost comparing dialysis of the crime. Unless they plan to make a really big heist or commit robbery of a bank, then criminals do not think about getting…show more content…
Because, since the theory can be wrapped around free will which is a human reaction and that the theory believes that criminals will be deterred from crime because they will weigh the punishment they could receive, well this can leave a wide field for debate or criticisms. But, some like Paternoster and Bachman (2001) argue that we all tend to assume that crime is the outcome of choice, but they differ in their concept of what constitutes a “rational” choice.
This learner tends to agree with the above statement because it is as she stated, the theory is open to interpretation of the organization or system that is examining the criminal acts. This learner can say, that this theory’s approach can be useful in the field of criminal justice, it gives them the framework for us to understand every type of crime. So, we do have a silver lining for now in explaining crime and we can hope that it opens the door for positive suggestions for new forms of deterrence. This type of thinking will always be a winner for future
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