Rationale In A Brave New World

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In order to demonstrate a wider range of comprehension of the novel “A Brave New World”, I decided to write a diary about Bernard’s position throughout the novel, which shows a carping yet courageous voice that demands to be heard. Nevertheless, his desires change as power and prestige comes to him, creating an inner conflict on the character. Considering Bernard´s reality as an Alpha individual, it is noticeable that a formal and intellectual tone prevails as the diary entry develops, and intends to approach critical readers whose interests lie on exploring Bernard´s personality.
In my diary, I aimed to use a first-person language with a technical structure adopting phrases like “They know me as dangerous subversive”, in which a sophisticated level of vocabulary including words like “nonsensical” and “dreadful” are employed.
I consider that I seized my purpose by manifesting a statement of one citizen which contradicts the decrees of the system. Due to his capacity of developing emotions and sensitiveness over his knowledge, it allows to find a crack on the system, making it unstable and inoperative.
This task addresses the topic of Social Relationships, highlighting the disadvantages of an unequal society and, consequently, generating social instability. A diary was the most fitting way of expressing the feeling of a person that is unable to reveal them out load.

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Dear ally,
My one and only, the only one I can guarantee my
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