The Great Gatsby Written Task Analysis

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Written Task 1 Rationale

My written task is based on the novel “The Great Gatsby” by F.Scott Fitzgerald from Part 4 of the Language and Literature course. In the novel, the protagonist Jay Gatsby tries to rekindle what he had in the past with Daisy Buchanan and is blinded by the reality of her. It depicted the hollowness of the upper class and Gatsby’s obsession with the past, including the “colossal vitality of his illusion”. The focus of this task will be on the character Jay Gatsby in the subject of class conflict and the illusion and reality of Daisy after their encounter. In order to explore the complex relationship between Gatsby and Daisy and demonstrate my understanding of his characterisation in the novel, I have decided to express
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The writing style is reflective and personal to Gatsby. It contains his private thoughts and varies in sentence length to show a flow of emotions as he recalls a series of events. Emotive language is used to reflect his desperation and longing for Daisy, also revealing his inner conflicts and disappointment in the reality of her. Furthermore, the task enabled me to explore the conflict between the old money and the new money, the illusion of the American Dream and the bleaker side of the Roaring 20’s portrayed by Fitzgerald through the efforts of Gatsby in pursuing Daisy.

July 17, 1922 Tonight, the green light that burns at the end of her dock is brighter than it’s ever been. After countless nights of standing in solitude, wistfully staring across the water, I can almost feel the heat that radiates from her skin. My eyes have searched desperately to catch a glimpse of her beautiful face. My aching arms are longing for that warm embrace. Her absence has created a hole within me. Without her, I feel as hollow as the base of an old willow tree and as meaningless as an entire field deprived of flowers. Every time I close my eyes, flickering images of
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