Letter To The Great Gatsby

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I have chosen to write a letter to a newspaper, on the perspective of Nick, to reveal the true events of the car accident that lead to Myrtle’s death. The time of this letter is two years after Nick leaves New York, therefore six years after Gatsby’s death. I have chosen to write in this format as it allows me to express the true thoughts and experiences of Nick. As the novel, The Great Gatsby, was also written from the perspective of Nick, it gave me an advantage to an insight of Nick’s point of view. This overall allows me to freely explain, in detail, the events and judgments of the upper class including Tom and Daisy. It also allows me to shed light on the major themes that Fitzgerald suggests, such as separation of social classes
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I have recently revisited Gatsby’s house and have come upon journals he had written that I did not know he acquired. I had let my curiosity get the best of me and set it upon myself to read a few pages. However, my interest grew and led me to read further and further. It was then that I discovered the cruelty and reality of the higher society and the nobility of Gatsby himself. I comprehend the intentions of Daisy and Tom to an alternative level as I acknowledge that they are far from just careless, for they are also inconsiderate and cruel individuals.
I have attached a copy of the Gatsby’s journal to this letter where he describes the moment of the car crash and confesses the truth of the accident. This will give you the proof you will need to justify the true events of the accident. I believe you will have the morality of publishing this article to eradicate the erroneous image that people have built of Gatsby.
I imagine that if Gatsby knew about Daisy’s carelessness and actions following his death, he will want his name cleared in the public eye to restore his deserving reputation. I believe that reveling the truth behind Gatsby will uncover him as the man he faithfully is and the truth will justly allow him to finally rest in
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