Rationalism In Frankenstein

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Bri Shehane


English Honors

1 December 2016

Frankenstein Essay (Gothic Novel)

From the darkness of the setting and location, to the horror and mystery of the supernatural miracles, and the paranormality in the atmosphere; “Frankenstein” truly represents a gothic novel. Mary Shelley did not only spark her audience’s attention through supernatural characters and events, but she also incorporated death and terror throughout the reading in various elements. Gothic characteristics exemplified in the novel consist of the mystery of human nature, supernatural themes, and the darkness of the setting. The gothic literature is shown through the feeling of pure terror characters start to feel or the reader feels when coming across strange happenings throughout each chapter.
A grotesque, yet sapient creature is created in an unorthodox scientific experiment in this novel by Mary Shelley. This supernatural monster bends the laws of nature by bringing together the barriers between life and death to unite opposite elements. The scientific process and research begins being questioned in the reading through the uncertainty and the rapid amount of time taken to determine various scientific theories. Rationalism is no longer discovered easily due to Victor Frankenstein’s laboratory works and creations, as he attempts to “play God” by bringing a dead body back to life. He has a great sense of confidence because he feels as though he is a king of all kings and he can do all
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