Rationalization In The Creative Industry

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With everything we know about both rationalization and McDonaldization, we have to ask the question is rationalization a necessity in a creative industry in today 's society? The answer has to be yes, rationalization is very important for any creative industry but, not necessarily good for the people. Rationalization’s method of overcoming family values and focusing on the practicality is a necessity for any creative industry in terms of mass production. Back in the 19th and early 20th century, it was sufficient for people to travel by horse or horse and cart, to create/make or build items such as clothing and furniture etc. but as society grew at a rapid pace between the 1900 to present day things had to change. Society needed to develop a better more efficient way of getting about of producing essentials/products and they had to do so at a rate that satisfied consumer demand, people needed to get places faster and they needed to travel further in a shorter space of time. As a result in 1908 the Model T car was the first car that was made available to the masses and was created by Henry Ford. Henry Ford use of Weber’s rationalization helped produce the assembly line. The same thing can be said for hands crafts such as clothing and furniture, instead of individuals creating singular products, products needed to be mass produced thus requiring the increased demand for bigger and better factories, it is about supply and demand. As the population began to rise, industries
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