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April 19, 2017. Rattlesnakes in America In many cartoons, rattlesnakes always play the role as antagonist. Rattlesnakes are the nightmare for many people 's childhood. A Rattlesnake is one of the most dangerous snakes in America. In the novel crooked letter crooked letter, Wallace raises Rattlesnakes as the pet. In the real world, rattlesnake representative death. Snakes bite many people, but it doesn 't mean the bite will lead to death. Only a few people will dead after snake bitten, which means some snakes have venom that can kill humans, but some don’t. rattlesnakes are the one of toxic snakes. If people don’t get good treat after a rattlesnake bite, they may die. As time
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Rattlesnakes are significant. First, Rattlesnake is important for native American culture. Rattlesnake is the totem for many Indian tribes. In some tribes, rattlesnakes were viewed as both powerful and dangerous. They believe rattlesnake represents witchcraft. They told their children that if children break the rules, the rattlesnake will come and bite children. According to a study, "Snakes are also used as clan animals in some Native American cultures, and the Hopi Snake Dance is one of the tribe 's most important ceremonial dances” (Native American Snake Mythology.) Native American also made many stories about rattlesnakes. There is a book called Pima legend. This book narrates many Indian myths. There is a story about why rattlesnakes shake their tails. Native Americans use rattlesnake as “boogeyman” to scare children who break the…show more content…
rattlesnake venom has a special feature. That is the destruction of human blood tissue, thrombocytopenia, or a sharp increase. Blood coagulation into a frozen shape, making the blood flow in the blood vessels blocked, and ultimately lead to vascular rupture. According to a study, “In the United States, rattlesnakes are the No. 1 preventer of lime disease. They constantly, and almost exclusively eat rodents, which carry lime disease harboring ticks.” (Smith). Rattlesnakes can protect the crops by eating the mouse, rattlesnake also can reduce the disease by eating rodent which carries the tick. Second, In the novel crooked letter crooked letter, Wallace put a cotton head into a mailbox. Also, he rises rattlesnakes as pets. The author wants to show us that how vicious he is. Those kinds of details make the novel more attractive and clearly described Wallace 's personality. When a rattlesnake slips by Silas 's black, he knows that he was near to death. This narration made this part of novel become more

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